Unapproved Apps Show Pop-ups on Loading Ads

hello team kodular
can you explain something about this line

Major Changes

  • Now a dialog pop ups in the app if it requests to load ads and it is not approved

as i know kodular ad approve system work for admob only.
but when i trying load ads of unity it show a dailog too.

Read properly you need to get your app approved, to show any of your ad networks

Its for all ad components


why we need this approval system?
all ad network have their own review system.
and if ad network approve our app then you can put your ads too.

This is because these ad networks don’t review your app, to Save Kodular we need to accept it


In my app ads are shown by Admob but Why Kodular Ads Approval Dialog not Invisible. Plz Reply for it.
Becoz it is not good for my app users.

Because your app was not approved by the Kodular developers i guess.