Unfortunately Application Stopped After Instal In My mobile

When I am trying to open then directly it showing error.
Please help me.
It is important for me.

I can also provide my .aia file.
Can anyone help me please?

Can you send a apk file?
Which android version do you have?

Show you aia file

Bro my Adcodes of AdSense added in .AIA
Can I give you

Is it any problem if I provide hou the .AIA file because my Adcodes are added in the file.

Send a copy of your project with removed Ad id.

Please wait 10 minutes

Hey bro thanx, my problem now solved by your suggestion.

You said me to “Send a copy of your project with removed Ad id”.
So, I tried to change then I had found that in the starting Sign upi/Login page I had forgot to add my Firebase URL Because I had unmarked that “Default” box. So that I was getting that issue.

Now solved. :wink: