Unicode in text box

Hello, i’m creating a simple game with a leader-board inside.
The user can input a name.
Is there a way to limit the user to use only (for example) Latin characters?

yes you can set input type to name ,

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I already had the input type set to name but the user can still use non latin characters
(for example: αβγδεζη)

I want to make sure that the user will only use Latin characters.

then you can try this extension

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Or You can use when on textbox.text change block. make a list of latin characters and use when text box text change event and check if text box text contains the item from list or not

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I’ve made something like this but it doesn’t work.

Here it is:

You’re checking to see if the textbox contains a character from the alphabet lost. If the textbox contains even one character from it the it will always do what comes after “then” and “else” is never triggered.

You need to write blocks to check the textbox for non-latin characters and then trigger the “incorrect” notification OR you want to check the textbox to make sure it only has latin characters and if not then the notification is displayed.

Make your own keyboard in an arrangement.


Try this one TextRegexTest.aia (7.5 KB)

That’s exactly what i needed. Where can i find that extension?


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