Unity ads bug in google play console publishing

When i use kodular Unity ads component and trying to publish my app on play store so my app keep rejecting due to old sdk unity ads.
I am getting this error :point_down:
The app includes an SDK version that does not comply with Google policies
The version 2 code app includes the com.unity3d.ads:unity-ads SDK, or an SDK used by one of your libraries, which collects personal or sensitive data such as Advertising ID identifiers, Android ID, and perhaps other information. Persistent Device Identifiers may not be linked to other personal, sensitive user data or resettable device identifiers as described in the User Data Policy.

I worked very hard and make app but i am not able to publish my app due to unity ads bug.
Hi kodular team why you don’t fixed this bug. I found another post about this bug in Dec 22, but still not fixed. We bought kodular premium for better experience but i think we waste our time and money.

We also not found admob ads component in kodular.
If we use admob ad extension and trying to publish than we also getting an error of admob sdk.
Even i drag admoblitesdk and admobsdk extension with admob interstitial extension

If we use paid extension than why kodular premium???.
Premium means have all features without any bug

Kodular team needs to provide latest component and features in premium. Otherwise there are much platform lik appzard(100% free), niotron, android builder

Well, extensions are maintained by third-party developers and not Kodular. Buying Premium does not mean that you get access to paid extensions, since extension developers are in no way affiliated with Kodular.

But if kodular premium than it just need to provide all components and things bugs free and proper workable

The component sdk no longer compile with Google. I have been using the free extension and it is working fine.