Unity's ads are not installed yet are visible

I created an app with the help of kodular and put ads of admob and startuapp with it, but unity ads are showing again and again in my app, this is causing problems to my users, sharing with you the information of my app, Stop showing Unity ads from my app,

app id 4830914985066496
play store link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.intech.rjmandibhav

I read the reviews for your app and there are quite a few saying it’s a bad app.

Concentrate on making a good app before worrying about ads.

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Our users are upset due to repeated Unity ads and 1 minute or less time in Unity ads spoils the user, please tell us the solution for Unity ads

Users are giving this review because of Unity Ads

The reviews I read are calling it a useless app. I didn’t see anything negative because of Unity ads.

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