Unknown color error with list of colours

I need help because I’m going a little crazy.
I want to put the background colour of a dynamic horizontal arrangement with values of a list (lista_colores).

The procedure applies well the colours in the horizontal arrangement but in the end this error is shown:

To test it, I have made a list with the same colour as my original lista_colores and tested with it.

Now, all it is right. Why? the Do it Results are identical in both cases.

Can anyone explain to me why it occurred?

Please, Can anyone explain to me why it occurred?

Did you notice, you are using hex to int converter and passing a color code string which is of length 8. It must be length of 6 to correctly parse the hex color and convert it to integer.

Just remove the last 2 characters from hex color string. For eg. #FFEC7163 to #FFEC71

Thanks, @The_K_Studio , but I have tried removing 2 characters from hex color string and the error is the same.

I am thinking that the problem is related to the list because when I put a string, it works perfectly.

But If I put the list, it doesn’t work

Can you show us global color list

It is a screenshot of the Do It function of the global color list

No one can help you when you don’t want to provide what we ask for, or better yet provide working example that shows this issue…

I’m sorry @Boban, I thought that you wanted to see the results of the list colores.
I have the colors in the firebase realtime database,

I use the block Firebase Data Changed , extracting the data of color with get values key path, and storing the data of colors in global lista colores. I marked it with red color lines.


And finally, I use this list in create dynamic components.

If you need more information, tell me what you need, please.

I think the problem is when loading data changed but I do not know the solution now.
If I change any data in firebase then the error doesn’t appear. But, if I use “Refresh companion Screen” then the error is produced: “Unknow color”.

Why are you using firebase data changed block, it is usually used when you want to detect that some data has been updated in the firebase.

If you just want to get color codes from firebase then use get tag list or get value blocks.

Okay, thanks @The_K_Studio, in the firebase I have two types of data, some that change and others that are fixed (setting: list of colors, numbers of parties, etc.). So, I can use Got Values and Data Changed methods simultaneously??? Or, if one I can’t use the other?
In the first case, I would use Got Values for setting variables and changed methods for changing data. Do you know some examples of this?

You can use both there is no issue but data changed blocks is triggered all the time when there is change in data at firebase . So if you want to get color list only when screen loaded first time then use other blocks.