Unknown error after building apk, attempt to get length of null array

The application works well in the emulator. but after building the apk, there is an application error on the phone
Screenshot of the emulator

Screenshot from phone

the path to the status folder was file: ///storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/.Statuses does not work

Just read the error once again.
Then go and change…:sweat_smile:

tell me what to do

You were just trying to get the length of a null array. That may be the reason

Check the procedure get_statuses
where you checked the length of the list

Try this if you get some solution

doesn’t work either))

I understand that this Was not worked but you can try with file tools extension if it would work for you

I cannot install the extension

Try by asking for permission

Which one you download as image says extension upgraded but there is no file tools extension

But if permission is not granted the will is shows images in companion

Have you downloaded this

Can you clarify this what you mean

Go to your app settings and check if permission is granted

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yes downloaded. not installed

Assume hi didn’t asked for storage permission and he test his app with companion will he get the results?

Yes he will


Ok because companion has permission to access storage

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