Unknown error message please someone help me

Hello, i m sorry for creating new topic about it but i searched everywhere but didn’t find any solution.
Problem is i m working on online shop application and from past few days i am getting this error. My blocks are more than 10000 so its very difficult to check everywhere. Can anyone tell me or give me a hint which extension or component or block can cause this error so that i can look into it?? Thanks in advance !
WhatsApp Image 2021-04-18 at 12.36.48 PM|236x500

Send your blocks image

i have more than 10000 blocks i have attached list of extensions i have used somehow

Dynamic view giving problem to view

i did’t get it can you explain little bit?

Really it is big task since you are having 10k. Dynamic component only will give problem like this if it doesn’t have proper call

is it possible to get error like this when we are removing dynamic component that doesn’t exist?

May be… somehow it may linked with, you couldn’t guess or sure really it is useless. If it is limited block you can find it easily

yes but there is no lack in functionality of app. all things are working fine!