Unlimited Text + Image Whatsapp Status app aia file for sale

Image and Text Whatsapp Status / Shayari App aia file . Dynamic aia file with 300+ image shayari tested.

I used my friend @Deep_Host Extension in app to sponser it as well.

Platform : Kodular

Price : Rs 650 ( Paytm 8744958220 )
Paypal $20 PayPal.Me

Sample APK : EXTREME_STATUS_APP.apk - Google Диск

Details of Application :
Totally Dynamic application connected with airtable .
High quality user interface and 100 % bugs free app.
Status can be seen in List view and card view.
Sorting option is provided on status and shayari .

To buy aia file on discount , message me on whatsapp or telegram : +918744958220 or http://bit.ly/2PwXkcN

Video :


Contact me for any query or suggestion :

Whatsapp : +918744958220 or https://goo.gl/XUc71G
Email : [email protected]

Im thankful to kodular developers for providing such platform to develop aia files and apps.

Hitesh K. Yadav
Dafaq Developers

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I can see your app has logo of ShareChat.
Are you sure that you have permission to use it?

I think, it’s just a demo app so buyer can change the logo.

yes exactly. im not using it on playstore or anywhere else . so just a sample purpose it is for buyers.

Then there is no problem.

yes. thats why i used it :slight_smile:

How your make a gradient TitleBar :open_mouth:? Or is an Arrangement? :thinking:

its an horizonal arrangement . extension is used to design it as gradient.



thank you.