Upcoming extension: countdown / up timer - date / time format - in real time

I’m thinking about it, let’s see …

I updated the APK.
(from the first “start” button there was one zero to much at clock countdown)


I updated the APK: timerFormatCountdown7.apk (3.5 MB)
(The countdown can also be paused now.)


Interesting. I like this.

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Any update?

Test this new version on your devices: countdownUpTimeFormat2.apk (3.5 MB)

  • How many time formats can be displayed at the same time without problems (depending on the processor performance of the device)?

  • How many formats also run in the background, i.e. if the app is not visible (after pressing device Home button) or the device is in sleep mode (screen off)?

On older (underperforming) devices, there might be problems if many time formats are displayed at the same time.

Note: To display the times in the correct format, calculations with long numbers (Java: long) are carried out every millisecond, so that the processor performance may be overwhelmed.

So please test and give feedback …

Here is a test of one of my test devices (Galaxy Note8, Android 9):


Tested on my Oneplus 5T android 10, OxygenOS version 10.0.0, 8GB RAM+128GB ROM

  1. It has lagged for once in my phone, but the lag doesn’t make any delay
  2. Why the clock component part doesn’t pause while others are paused?
  3. For count up, why the music stops but everything still going on when the time is up?


I just can’t stop listening to this satisfying music :heart_eyes:

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Ok thanks, I updated the APK.

Not for me, should not happen, I tested it again.

Hmm. That’s weird. Maybe it’s just that moment sth is wrong. I can’t reproduce that bug again too.


Hi @bodymindpower: Can we use that dynamically. What I want to do is, Once the App(online Quiz) is live, I want to be able to set and change the timer as and when I need(not the user but the one managing the app from back-end).

Please also let know if any existing system is there to do the same. (I am few weeks old into kodular and know so little about it)

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Please also add the Features to create countdown by giving start date and end date. Like start date is current time and end date is the time which we set through blocks or database.

Will it work in the background also

Yes, how about trying it out yourself.

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Hi Anke,

Are there any updates about the releasedate of this extension? :grimacing:

any aia file please

If the OP didn’t provide then no, there won’t be AIA file(s) so far.

extension file please

I want block coding to work like above, please help. If I have to pay, I’m willing to pay.

Hello Anke,
Excellent as always.
Can you put us the .aia file please, it will be nice, it’s to inspire me for other projects…