Upcoming Projects/Templates?

(Nathan) #1

So this week and a few weeks back I started a ton (like 4) of :kodular: Apps to work on to keep me busy when I have no homework, either that or it’s nap time but, Makeroid is better. I want to start putting out templates weekly, requested or polled. You can request any here however they will not include Logic Blocks… They will come with the beautiful Material Design 2.0 that I am currently working on with my apps :wink:, I’m sure @TurboProgramming would be proud of me for my Material Design skills now. Let me know what’d you like to see that maybe no one has done before on any AI! Keep me busy, and keep it medium… On Fridays, give me a challenge. This starts now.

(Nathan) #2

I totally have no idea what this is for :smirk:

(Rémi Chartier) #3

Haha me too, I didn’t understand what that’s mean… :smiley:

(Rémi Chartier) #4

If someone can help me ? :joy_cat:

(Nathan) #5

No need anymore lol. I deleted the project from my account a few days ago. I’ll be posting some more soon instead from a different app.

Edit on 9/20: I have restarted the project with a new look :wink: and it’s almost done. However, it will not include what is above.

(Daniel) #6

I’m pretty sure I know what’s that :blush:

(Nathan) #7

What project of mine now has a Pixel look?

(Nathan) #8

I cant expose much:
I’ve gotten this for the Android Lab :wink:

(Nathan) #11



PRIVATE PROJECT; SELF-DEVELOPED will take awhile to be released, and may take up to Q2 2019, could be earlier though to complete. Will deal with lots of PHP all by myself :sweat_smile:

GRAPHICS (UPDATED FOR MY APPS & MORE?) will be released about a week after the release of the update for DYNAMIC OWL & STUDIO. I’ll try having it on time.

MATERIAL DESIGN THINGS :wink: (PERSONAL DOC?) Remember that post I believe on Studios topic, where I said I’d give you guys instructions on the guidelines I used? Now is the time. However, this is only a special access for users who use my Private Project. It’ll be a separate page dedicated to the design I used and will be updated frequently to follow my designs. I plan to only roll out updates to the guidelines about TWO days before releasing the update for either one of my apps. Sadly, I’m making it so if you leave me, you won’t see them again until you rejoin. Or in this case if your IP is banned, I’m sorry.

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