Update an app in googleplaystore

Hi ,
I had published my app in playstore .RIGHt now , the users need to check the playstore for new updates .
But i need to let the users know that there is a update available as a notification in their phone (without opening the app) so that they would update it . Else , they will use the use the older version apk . How can i send a notification to their phone so that they will cme to know abt it without opening playstore ???

Do help ; Thanking You in advance

This has been discussed before. Did you search the community? Do a search first please.

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I had checked the community earlier and i followed the same steps for updating app ; But this is not the problem Right now . If u r an instagram user , u will get notification in your phone for update ; not in your google playstore . Same applies over here and no discussion had been told abt this .

I found this with a search


Use Firebase for check user version or use One Signal to send push notifications on app.

I thought of using a notifier so that notification will be displayed to the user whenever the app is updated . Is this enough ??

Thanking You in advance

Yup this will work with the android version v5.0 and above only

When i publish this apk in the google playstore , will the users who has the app install would get this notification ?