Update app appybuilder to kodular

i have published an app on play store few day ago, And I was this created by appybuilder. now i have made this by kodular for updating on play store but i am facing a problem when i upload updated apk on play console so “uploading faild” showing as you can see image

Export your keystore from appybuilder. Import it to Kodular, rebuild with same package name, and different version number. Upload.

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i have already make same package name and different version number but i dont know about keystore, thanks for your reply dear

I got the solution about keystore thanks

Then mark Cian the solution

@Deepanshu_Arya i did it :slight_smile:

Glad to know but it is not that topic…:wink:

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hi i have face a problem after update my previous app,
Now I update my another app on the Play console which I created with kodular
There is also same problem in this,
i have done three updated versions of this app but there are no problem before that can anyone tell me the solution

Did you save :kodular: keystore before you removed/deleted it, if not, then your out of luck (almost)


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