Update Failed ...You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate

me neither.

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I have Same Problem any Solution??

Try this (temporarily):

  1. Take the last aia project of your app that you have successfully updated (published).
  2. Open it with Kodular and export the keystore and save it (android.keystore).
  3. Open the current project with Kodular you want to update and build the APK.
  4. Decompile this APK e.g. with AppToMarket.
  5. Import the saved keystore (android.keystore) into AppToMarket and rebuild (recompile) the APK.
  6. Sign and zipAlign the APK
  7. upload APK (“packageName”_new_zipAlign.apk) to the Play Store

That’s how I build all my apps (APKs) before I publish them in the Play Store (AI2, Kodular, AppyBuilder). The day before yesterday, I successfully released my last app (an AI2 projekt imported to Kodular) in the Play Store. AppToMarket (APK Studio, apktool or another tool) is also useful if you want to add larger files to a project or change something else.



Aia/project doesn’t contains any keystore it’s tied to your account.

Even though it has been speculated over this above, I have never managed to find a keystore in any aia file even though I have looked on 900+ projects


Right, thanks for the hint, Boban. I downloaded my keystore when I created and published my first app and saved it locally. Since then I create almost all apps and releases with this keystore.

So if you have not saved the valid keystore, see here:

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Yes, always something to change, sorry but there is no builder out there that can do everything I want.


I do not get what you want to say. A2M works fine for such purposes.
By “change something else” I mean, for example, customize the Manifest (remove some unnecessary permissions) or android:installLocation=“auto”.

I am Export aia for backup. If I export aia file then What changes in the Keystore.

Nothing :thinking: