Update Failed ...You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate

i am unable to update my any app as it says
You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate .

I have not deleted my any keystore neither i have used other AIA file.
I have make all project in kodular and previously it was working fine while updating my app but suddenly today i am not able to update my any app .

Do Kodular System change keystore automatically ???

Confirm the following please.

Same account?
Same package name? (is it a custom name?)
No keystore changes?
You just exported a new APK and the signature is different?

same account
same package name and yes it is a custom name and using same custom name
i havent change keystore
i have just change the app content but while updating it is showing this error in all my app .

Did you change the custom name at all and then set it back?

I am trying to think of any reason why a different key would be created.

no i havent change custom name in any app …
i am totally shocked and this is the things which demotivates us to work on any app inventor platform…

I do not know who “us” is. I have not seen this issue before

Let me loop someone in.

@Diego Sorry to pull you in. Any thoughts?

No, it never does
Else more than 300,000 apps will be completely broken…

Have you ever imported other keystore, even to other projects?

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yaa sometime i have imported other AIA but i have not upload that .

Keystore. Was there a new keystore with that project?

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i have not noticed that there was a new keystore or not …
but i am totally stunned by seeing this problem not only in one app but All my Apps are facing same problem while updating ??

As @Diego stated the Kodular system cant change keystores without serious consequences.

So lets not try to affix blame, lets understand what could have happened on your account. The keystore has been changed in some way.

Importing an AIA will not change the keystore. Think back on anything that has happened. Passowrd chage, reset your accoubt? Lets try to figure this out.

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If that AIA contained a keystore it could have been probably overwritten
When you use custom keystores, they get downloaded into AIAs
If you upload an AIA with a keystore on it, I think current one gets overwritten


Can you send that AIA to @Diego or myself, and we can see if it had one embedded. I am curious about it.

This was something new

Are you absolutely sure of this as I never heard it before



When you import a keystore, it gets added into the AIAs project
If you unzip it, you will see an android.keystore file

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I have to try this


Now you make me doubt :sweat_smile:

I am 100% sure that it gets included in Companion
If you execute ant PlayApp inside appinventor/, you will see that the file aiplayapp.aia gets generated at buildserver/build/
And that AIA contains the custom keystore used for it:

If you could confirm with normal AIAs it would be perfect
But I remember that time ago I downloaded an AIA and it contained it

But we share AIA’s all the time, Why would it have not caused an issue before?

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Maybe because AIA content modified with another tool or something.

Just tried this but unfortunately no keystore in my aia file


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