Upload failed You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate

I know about keystore point or keystore related things. But My problem is i used my previous update from same Project/aia in kodular. But from last day i encountered with this problem. Even i faced this problem with my some others app too. Mainly i did not change or delete keystore of those apps. Please Guys helps me out please…

Please, don’t tag anybody directly. Just send your doubt to the forum with all things explained. A tip for you would be to create a short title description and in the post you can explain everything with screenshots, etc.

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Is this a new project or an existing one?

Are you using the same account for your build apk


Existing project

Post links to your apps


Export as an AIA and reimport as a new project and try to export. If there is an error please paste the error.

Yes same account and even same project

Sorry I do not know why that happens


i am trying to upload new update but i cant …
Error - you uploaded an apk that is not signed with the upload certificate. you must use same certificate…

But i am using same project same package same account without any keystore changes