Error in uploading my app on Google Play Store!

I’m trying to update my app on Google play console but showing error,
Please help me fix it.

Look at my keystore!

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its because the first/last version of your app was made with different account on kodular, just export the apk with last account then it will work. Keystore mismatch the last apk.
Hope your problem is solved.

Nope, it was made with same account however some days ago i deleted my app, but deigo helped me to recover my app.

Previous keystore is available.

just overwrite the keystore to old one

By clicking overwrite should we have to upload keystore?

this one

yes, overwite

Let me try it, will inform you after some update.
Thanks for replying.

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ok… :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks a lot mate, close the topic now @Mika

welcome friend

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