Keystore problem?


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Hi created an app and upload on play store, then updated it to 7.1 and all ok, but now i made a 8.1 version and when i try upload says keystore are different. i am not imported any other keystore in the kodular .

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Show the screenshot when the Play console shows this.

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Read @pavi2410’s here :point_down:. May be you will get the solution :+1:

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I will try

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Can I will be check the keystore from my last app version @pavi2410 @Vaibhav

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@Diego Do we have keystore backups?

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No, there are no Keystore backups due to a security measure, sorry

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So what is solution for this

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Change the package name and upload it as a new app

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Thank You For Response @pavi2410 @Diego @Vaibhav

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