Certificate error in play store

When i am going to updte my application in google play console its showing sing apk error certificate!

its happening with my all apps.

please reply

protools.apk (7.1 MB)

Upload the apk file here

Also if possible show the screenshot of the error from Play Store.

And can you give us an APK file?

protools.apk (7.1 MB)

please cheak the apk file and reply me.

i am getting this error for every project .

i have not changed any components except ad units in the next uploading version.
thank you

Check your keystore file because your APK is signed with different keystore

C:\Users\Pavitra\Downloads>%android_home%\build-tools\28.0.3\apksigner verify --verbose --print-certs protools.apk
Verified using v1 scheme (JAR signing): true
Verified using v2 scheme (APK Signature Scheme v2): true
Number of signers: 1
Signer #1 certificate DN: [email protected], O=AppInventor for Android, C=US
Signer #1 certificate SHA-256 digest: a4f5303aac43562cc582722be749dcbe211a3ecd8badac86a28016eed270bc77
Signer #1 certificate SHA-1 digest: 365e1459d111080ca0f2af887bbf51f14c333e25
Signer #1 certificate MD5 digest: 495f9283615dccf848cb9397234506fe
Signer #1 key algorithm: RSA
Signer #1 key size (bits): 2048
Signer #1 public key SHA-256 digest: c68010bb49546b4c48c7054c6d95c8fd5894bfbe6e5f507b38287dba90f92faf
Signer #1 public key SHA-1 digest: 0bde410f1a152b252a9154c5d322d445784f4128
Signer #1 public key MD5 digest: 151c6719b633b2545891ae91b074b9b1

Hi there, like what @pavi2410 mentioned earlier. You might have a different keystore so if your aia files originally come from other platforms like thunkable, appbuilder & etc. Make sure to import your keystore from the respective platform.

But before trying that i suggest you to check that your “Package Name” = com.yourname.yourappname is correct. And by correct that means that if you publish your app previously with com.abc.123, the updated app package name should also be com.abc.123.

Fail to do so and your certificate will be forfeited due to incorrect package name, but no worries. Pls make sure that it’s correct.

Certification of IRC from google play are subject to their own respective package names and are unique from one another. So please check that out.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for that Information it is very useful
I have a few questions in relation please.
If I have one PlayStore account can I upload apps Built on both Kodular and Thunkable to the same account or do all the apps I have on that account need to be signed with the same signing key?
I think it is a little confusing, there is an upload key and a app sign key but I am not sure if the app key needs to be the same throughout the account or if apps can be signed with the same upload key but a different app key like an app from Kodular account and one from a Thunkable or AI2 account?
Any help in working this out would be amazing thank you.

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Not really. If an app is already published in the Play Store, the same keystore (which was used for the first release) must always be used to update this app.
If your app was build with Thunkable, you must export this keystore from Thunkable and import it into Kodular.

This will irreversibly overwrite the existing keystore of Kodular. So make sure you has saved it before !!!


Ok thank you very much
If I have this right, If I want to update an app it has to be from the exact same kodular account I used to first create the app.
If I am uploading a newly built app from another Kodular account a new app singing will be created for that app and all updates for that app should always be from that same account as they are signed with the com.kodular.myname.appname if i am correct.
Any advice would be welcome.
Thank you

Yes, if you have 2 Kodular accounts, you have to build the new release / update with the same account as you build the first release, which was published in the Play Store for the first time.

PackageName and keystore have to the same.

Sorry one last question.
Should this be from the account the app project was first started on.
Example I have an account in Spain my Partner has an account in India we swap AIA with Send Anywhere or Dropbox and import to our accounts.
If the project was started on my Account will it keep the same signing key no matter how many times we swap between accounts?
or dose it matter on what account the akp was created?

Thank you

The keystore belongs to your Kodular account. Each Kodular account has its own keystore.


Thank you very much for all you help and patience.