Uploading to playstore major error! Certificate Error

Hello Koders!

I have an issue with my upload certificate, it claims that it has been changed. Yet I have never changed or even altered my keystore. When I upload a new update I get the same error.
I contacted Google Support and they told me apps build on Kodular, you have to request the support team @Kodular to help in they changing of the key.

I have checked the following and done what most people said but it still the same.

  1. Certificate error in play store
  2. Certificate error

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Also, if some one could explain the difference between Upload certificate and Keystore

See here:



its not the problem just take the new certificate and Keystore send to google team they will change in your playstore

Where do I get the new certificate and the keystore?

Check out your my account and settings options

There I can only find the Keystore, where is the certificate located?

I again contacted google via Live Chat, they have requested me to send a .PEM File

May be @Kodular can help

On which development environment did you create your app when it was first published in the Play Store (AI2, Thunkable, Kodular etc.)?

At first I developed the appp using Thunkable, then when I saw that Thunkable will not function, I shifted the app to Kodular, I published the app from Kodular.

While using Kodular, I updated 15 times and it has never brought this error! In the latest update I happened to change Min SDK (Min. Android Version) to Android 7.1 - 7.1.2 (API 25)

After I changed that and uploaded to Playstore, I got an email from Google that I have initiated a certificate change.


Kindly assist

I removed your boban tag. Just be patient and don’t use it this way to get attention. Normal users are no longer able to use the kodular tag since it was misused and developers got to many messages. Only devs and mods are able to contact the devs this way.

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Okay, @Peter

Could you assist on the matter?

Why did you change your api? And did you use Thunkable classic or Thunkable x.

I changed because the app was crashing on android 7 and below.

I used Thunkable classic

I had a brainfart when i asked that. Should have known that.

Why was the app crashing? I never got that message from Google but i never changed the api.

Did you use the same Kodular account for the last release?
Or did you change the keystore?

Yes, I used kodular for the last release. However before I uploaded the new release there was a one month period in between.

No I never changed the keystore

The keystore is associated with your account. So there should be no problem with the keystore if you didn’t change it.

I came to realize that I wasn’t closing screens well, therefore it was opening very many screens hence slowing the app. I therefore used a tactic by @Taifun which helped and I included it in the new release.

What do you mean?

So what could be the problem?