Certificate error

i think here we have to do changes can you please tell me what changes i should do

Did you import keystore from sg to kodular


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where i have to import it

Very Easy. Just click on Project there you will see one option export keystore… This method you can use to export keystore from sg builder…

ya i exported it next where i have to update it

In kodular click on account icon there you will get option of setting click on it &then overwrite keystore… There you have to update your keystore…

i think it wont effected to my old apps right which are already in kodular

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Yes if you overwrite it will affect your old app. So kindly wait for prokoders reply may be they have another solution…

okay i will wait

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Thanks for patience. Keep Calm & Happy Koding…

Please help him… I have never faced such types of issues before so i dont know very much about it…

Thank You…

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i am waiting for your replay

If you import aia from another builder, don’t forget to import the Keystore too. Problem will be solved! :slightly_smiling_face:

i have an keystore wt i have to do with that

Export Keystore from SG Builder and Import it on Kodular project…

but it will effect to my old apps right

Yes, changing your keystore will take effect on your new/old apps too.

without effecting how can i make changes

Single Keystore for every project is not available.