Google play store upload fail

hello friends
First i have create an app on another platform (which is not so good as Kodular), and upload that file to google play store.
now i create app on Kodular and want to update my first app with kodular version. But following error massage is shown
" Upload failed

You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate. You must use the same certificate. The upload certificate has fingerprint:

[ SHA1: 58:AA:85:CB:2B:7D:14:F3:38:AC:AD:ED:1B:67:07:50:FE:9C:7F:EB ]

and the certificate used to sign the APK you uploaded have fingerprint:

[ SHA1: C9:36:7C:9B:A4:54:70:7C:B1:A8:13:36:8D:4C:FB:44:95:53:7E:00 ]"
Please help me …i am not coder i just convert website to apps.
Thanks in advance .

You need to export the keystore from the older distribution (File > Export Keystore) and import it into Kodular (File > Import Keystore). Then, compile an APK and upload it to Play Store.


You need to export your keystore from the other builder and import it to Kodular.


First i have use this Platform []…
Where i find Keystore in old platefrom.

There’s no file > export Keystore option?

It is not an App Inventor distro. It seem to not to have a Keystore option. So, the only method you can do this is by re-uploading the app.

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Then I’m perfectly clueless.

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I edited my post, you could not have a clue because there is no keystore upload/download option there.

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No there is no

Then you will have to re-upload the app (remove the one that is currently online and then as a separate project upload the another)

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can we find keystrokes from .apk file ?

Nope. That’d make it all pointless.


ok thanks for help …

No, I think there is a way.

If you have OptIn to the Google’s s app signing( Which appears when you publish the app for this first time)

Then you can send your new keystore to google team then they’ll replace it.

If you did continue with that option then you must re-upload app.

May be you can find more here

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i have no anything previous

Check the image I added now

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Are you conform ?

I think I am :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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