Uploading to playstore major error! Certificate Error

Your problem has nothing to do with the minSdkVersion.

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Now if the keystore has no problem and the minSdkVersion…

Where could be the problem?

The problem is definitely with your keystore.

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When I contact google they want .PEM file in order to reset it.
How can you assist on the issue regarding the keystore?

  1. Take the APK that was published in the Play Store and install it.
  2. Create and install the current APK.

Question: Is the old app updated or do you get an error message?

No error

Where should I create and install?

Create the new APK with Kodular and install it on your device.

What do you mean by create a new apk with kodular? Should I create a new Project?

No, as I said:

Just compile a new apk.

Is it really that hard to understand?
Install the new version of the APK you want to release and tell us if the update on your device was successful.

In detail:

  • install e.g. version 2.1 (the last one released in the Play Store) and then
  • install version 2.2 (current version of the app).

Wouldn’t it have been faster if he posted a link to his app as well as uploading his latest…


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And the last solution that still remains is to ask Google to assign a new keystore:


I have done so


Yes, the update on my device is working. But now unable to post that update to Playstore

Google require a PEM FILE to be able to assign.

@Boban is talking about the PEM

Then your keystore is ok and the update on Play Store should work.

Did you searched what Boban posted?

If you will then you can find this easily:

i have read it:

@Boban Now how do I convert the keystore to PEM file?

Still getting the same error!

Post the error message from your Google Developer Console.