Appybuilder app update with kodular

i have published an app on play store few day ago, And I was this created by appybuilder. now i have made this by kodular for updating on play store but i am facing a problem when i upload updated apk on play console so “uploading faild " I already export keystore from appybuilder and import in kodular project but still i am facing problem

Did you import the keystore after building the APK?

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No, I import the keystore before building the APK

Did you changed the version of the app? Your error also shows that you are trying to upload a application with version 1 which already exists

in my console account showing 2 errors

You signed your apk with a different keystore, make sure that you imported your keystore.

How they will help? It’s your own fault.
Try to contact Google Play Console team, using Live Chat

Yes , That is my Keystore

Do not mention People in your post, people here help when they get time , you need to have patience

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