[UPDATE] Free Alpha Dialog | Transparent Dialogs, Custom Toasts and much more

Not possible. I asked for that once and because it was already released, it was not possible. So it may not be possible in this case.


My extension is based on android dialog component and it doesn’t use any external library. So if Kodular staff wanna add it, it won’t be difficult

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That’s not the point. The extension is already released and people likely have it in their apps.


I have browsed the MIT App Inventor source code and all components are .java files, same as extensions before they become .aix files because Android is written in Java.

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Really Very Useful Extension
Just Awesome Man !!

thanks …useful extension :blush:

wow great job. Is there any possibilty for this extension to be integrated officially to kodular?


It depends on Kodular. There are really awesome developers in the staff. They can surely make it or if required I can share the code as well

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Just Love Your Extension,It’s Make Our Application Feel Like Pro

I am trying this now

How to add this addon?

Simply download aix from first post and import it to creator. An example aia is also provided by developer, study the code to see how to use it

very nice extension…! but how to disable bottom navigation icons when we access alpha dialog layout ?

When I implemented AlphaDialog in my app, I had an error exporting to apk/aab. the same thing also happens when I publish my application to the Google play console, and I get a notification like the note below:


Zip Path Traversal

Your app contains an insecure unzip pattern, which may lead to a Path Traversal vulnerability. Please read this Google Help Center article to learn how to fix it.

  • com.startapp.android.publish.adsCommon.a.g.a

What is the way to overcome this?

I can’t believe i am finding out about this extension only now.
Didn’t try i yet but I liked very much the examples

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that happens with me too, in my case it s because admob component

I am using this extension for about 2 months, and now I found a problem. Not sure if it is a bug or if it was intented to work like this (I think not because one of the images sent as example don’t have this problem). Anyway, I am using one arrangement with a label, a space and a button.

No matter what width I set in the arrangement design, the dialog always appears with this margin of about 20% in the left and right side of the dialog. I would like to set the arrangement to a personalized width, like fill parent, 90%, 94% (the same width as the arrangement that is being showed).
But even if the layout is fill parent he dialog will have these margins like this:

What happens if you use a cardview inside VA like in the provided example ?

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It doesn’t work either.
Actually, if I put the card view inside a vertical arrangement and set layout to vertical arrangement the content isn’t even showed correctly
In the design like this:
And the blocks like this:
The content of the card view is not even showed in screen.
If I set the cardview as the layout like this:

then it works but with the ±20% margin (the same as the screenshot of my last post).

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