Update of Apps is possible?


(Akash Kashyap) #1

Is it possible to update our created apps, once they have been published on the Play Store? If yes, How can we do the same?

(Cian) #2


You update it and republish with the same keystore information.

No problem.

(Akash Kashyap) #3

Mate, can you please elaborate as I am new here so little slow to understand these.

(FábioESantos) #4
  • Create you new version;
  • Change the Version Code and Version Name in Screen1 panel;
  • Export you apk and upload it in the Google Play Console.

(Pavitra Golchha) #5

Also you must keep a backup of the keystore file.

(Akash Kashyap) #6

Mate, what’s that? I mean, what’s the use of KEYSTORE FILE?

(Koder1331) #7

See this :- java - What is Keystore? - Stack Overflow

(Akash Kashyap) #8

Great mate. Thnxx

(Koder1331) #9

No problem just give me this :ballot_box_with_check: