[UPDATED] Marble Solitaire Brazil 1.0.1

Marble Solitaire Brazil 1.0.0

Marble Solitaire Brazil is a game of concentration, memory and agility. Remove the marbles, if only one remains, you win. The challenge is to solve the twelve boards available in the shortest time.

I first created it in App Inventor 2, but when I migrated to Makeroid I could improve it much, much more. I hope you appreciate it.


New update …

  • Two versions available (12 or 40 boards);
  • New option to return up to three moves in each attempt;
  • Translated in English, Spanish and Portuguese (Using Resource Utilities);
  • MobFox Banner Ads (Thanks to @Apkdeveloper);
  • Chameleon Ads (Thanks to @KodularCreator);

Kodular Store

Google Play (Updated and Improved since December, 2016)

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