[UPDATED V2] Random String Generator Extension[F/OS]

Random Generator

Extension will help you to generate random strings and random integer without any limit of length
Generate 4 type of random string or length with your desired length So without wasting ant time lets go and blocks usage

All Blocks




Generate Random integer with given length


Generate a String with random number and random letter both uppercase and lowercase


Generate all Uppercase letter string


Generate all lowercase letter string

blocks - 2021-01-06T134800.798

Generate special character string


Open Source

Thank you hope it helps you


hmm good extension

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You just shortened some of my blocks :grin:

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Nice one. Now I can generate random Referral code easily. :relieved:

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Good work and nice extension :+1:

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Does it require HTTP Request or Internet connection?

No it is full offline method

BTW, It’s a nice extension!

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Good extension

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String generator doesn’t mix upper and lowercase letter, or include numbers or special characters ???

Show me blocks and sorry it does not generate special character but will from next update

Though all of them can be done with blocks, it’s a good start for newbies!

It also short our blocks

This applies to all extensions. I don’t see it as a benefit of this extension.

Can you add one feature in this extension then this will be more use full. If we generate 25 length code but there are very less chance of getting same code again when we generate. If you will add feature like generate code will not same from list or text or when code generate its will check if code is same then it will regenerate the code.

If i store this in a list then the list will initialise as empty when app reopens So I think I cant do that
But I think it will not generate same code becos 25 length is very much so become tensen free I know it will not generate same code again

@TimAi2 Done