[UPDATED] Web Scrapper Extension - Get data from websites

what about speed?

how to scrape data from a site using tokens

@OmerGundogar may I know which library you have used to create this extension?

jsoup library

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Ömer bana yardımcı olurmusun?

Community’s official language is English, @Cem_Bayraktar please edit your post

Ömer help me?

yeah, what’s the topic

I did not understand what you are doing.

will make data scraping and test.

Can you share the url of site and Also what data you want ?


Yes I’m waiting for an answer.

Don’t Why the url is not working

Its Shows Me this Error

But You Can try this if you wanna key ( By Using Javascript )




If this doesn’t works then let me know or PM Me

It opens with a token when members are members.

The switch changes every 15 seconds

*.aix Would not it be better that cevaplas as a file?

What you wanna do Can Explain Me In Detail ?
and Also Share your sample aia if possible