[UPDATED] Web Scrapper Extension - Get data from websites

I want to pull the data and test the data. If the data is equal to me, I want it to play sound. : _ (

Ok What is Inside in search text ?
send sample
and why you using the same text as evaluate jS

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The method you said is not trying too.

What’s about span tags with same class any idea please share.

How do i scrape my current location from a website and get my latitude and longitude?

nice and useful extension but it would be great if you can set the timeout threshold to a longer period and allow more loading time

how can i import the text code from this site http://movihat.rf.gd/Bulletin.html ?
please help

Looks like this is with summernote. Check their website to find out how to get the content.

is there any way, when a new item added send a notification even the app is not running and its closed?

I tried it, it didn’t