Updated Website

Hey :wave:

We’ve just redesigned a little bit our website. Some stuff that you might notice now is:

  • Navigation Bar:
    • Added “Home” button
    • Removed “Blog” button
  • Home Page:
    • Moved Status section to top
    • Removed App Preview section
    • Rewritten “Why is it so great?” sections
  • About Page:
    • Updated Stats
    • Removed Gallery
    • Added 3 new buttons: “Company Information”, “Disclaimer” and “Terms of Service” which opens modals
  • New Builder Page (makeroid.io/builder):
    • This new page includes important info about Makeroid Builder and its features

Future work:

  • Create different pages such us new Builder one for IDE, Store and Account
  • Work on a better Carousel for Builder page (as sometimes text is hard to be read)
  • Add different timezones for team

Remember, if you want to appear in our Testimonials section just PM me with a small piece of text :wink:


We need you!

We are looking for someone who created apps with Makeroid, and can share screenshots of how the builder looks like when building the app (to add to makeroid.io/builder)
Plus, it would be a great plus sharing screenshots of the compiled app for a gallery we are preparing :wink:

If you are interested, just PM me