Updating Keystroke

Dear all, I need a help, I just transferred my apps from my developer’s play console. Developer used his own email in makeroid to build apps. He forget to give me keystroke files of all apps. When I try to update app in my play console it shows mismatch of keystroke errors.Now the developer is not able to give me keystroke files because he left my company.its seems impossible to contact him. What may be the possible solution ,it’s very urgent because I need to update my own ad units in apps to make sure the ad revenue directed to my own account.

Thank a lot

Firstly @renun4291, welcome to our community!

Secondly, I don’t know exactly how it works because I don’t use it once I manage my own keystores, but maybe you can find a solution using app signing by Google Play.

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Don’t Worry You Can Apply For New Keystore If Lost Previous Keystore , Go Request New And Fill The Form The You Can Update Your Apps

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