Upi payment failed

Oh, they’re allowed. DeepHost just decides to not answer concerns and questions from the people who use their extensions. It’s also not recommended to use their extensions.

I have misunderstood something then, I have deleted my post.

Carry on discussing.

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Deephost extensions did not working properly. Sometimes it working and sometimes it crashes

I tried every possible extension for UPI and every method that I can found. None of them worked properly
In everycase some apps worked and some don’t. What you can do is, restrict the apps which doesn’t work OR only allow apps which works with the method you use.

But in this screen shot i used activity starter I’m telling that i also used deephost but not work

In my case no one upi app worked goole pay, paytm, airtel jio, bhim and phone pe these not working in my case so what i do restrict these apps? :joy:

u need to add your business upi id

Oky i added but now I’m unable to get payment status

if you are using a normal upi id then nothing will work. You should know that government changed UPI rules so from now on, only business UPI id will work (that’s also not working properly)
you can get business upi from google pay or phonepe

I got business upi from mobikwik it work fine but now my app unable to get payment status :pensive:

Same error in this extension after transaction success it not return status :no_mouth:

maybe sometimes it does not catch it?

Right it always show status cancelled. Whatever transaction success or fail it doesn’t matter it show only cancelled :joy:

Why I am seeing this when using deephost UPI extension.
What does it mean by payment is not allowed for this UPI ID whether I have merchant account too in Paytm. How to fix it. Will anyone.

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Posts about Deephost Extensions are not allowed here, just because the author does not provide any help anymore. I suggest you to talk to the author directly.


Ok I talk with the author

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Try with Business google pay upi id