UPI Payment using Activity Starter

If I know then how

Set that package name in activity starter

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This Extension is used for sending money or get payments in app

First of all, this is not a extention …its made with activity starter…

Its used as payment gateway. Not for geting payment

Is there any way to getting money by using activity starter.

This activity starter method is not working now.

im tried but showing error in Google Pay You have exceeded the maximum transaction amount set by your bank, but im not done any single upi transaction today, also same error showing in deephost extension also, please help me for this

Same issue for me

Currently Not Working… Any Reason why this is happening ??
Or any solution about this…

What happens when you press the Learn More button?

it show the list of bank and there monthly limits…

UPI payments are limited to 10 transactions per 24 hours. Make sure you’ve not crossed that.

Still works for me!

It looks like you’ve gone over the limit set by your bank. This has nothing to do with Kodular so you should contact your back for more information and to increase your limit.

where amount option

are transaction completed.?

Hi All,

This will work with upi address. Is there any option to pay using IFSC and bank account through upi app with activity starter.

I haven’t transferred. I was just checking if there is anything wrong from our end (the app). And it’s clear that app is performing accordingly.

Moreover, UPI apps runs transaction procedure itself. That’s not on our hand. Finally, I don’t think current AIA is outdated. It’s still working perfectly.

@Alapjeet Glad to see you back again! :heart_eyes:
Would you mind having a look at this topic?

first try complete transaction…aia is working fine… all we know that… but why UPI apps start rejecting payments currently… why no one allows it… and what will its solution… that is main question…