Upload asset image to Firebase

I need to copy an image from the Assets to the Phone so that I can upload it to Firebase.

But show this error:

I tried to use a copy block of the image from the Asset to the Phone but it presents this error.

Here my blocks:

I created an event for the apk to show me the path of the image by touching it:

And I used this same path to upload it to Firebase:

But it does not work.

Run in APK!

You can use the Taifun extensions to access the files in assets



Something like this:


You don’t have the same location. In the first you have ///, in the second you have /

Captura de pantalla 2020-09-30 144718

Thank you!

But I passed the same parameter “GetContentURI” to the Message Dialog and to the Firebase Upload.
No matter how many bars ///// I put there, it will always stick to this path with simple bars “file: / …”

See my block images.
In the dialogue he presents ///
In the upload error it presents /

In both, Companion and APK, does not work with TaiFunTools.PathToAssets





blocks (9) blocks (7)

The correct asset folder in Companion is: