Upload File and Geolocation in Webview

I did a small project just with a Webviewer, and in its properties I put the following:

  • Enabled Javascript (true);
  • Prompt for permission (true);
  • Uses location (true);

My website allows you to upload files (images, pdfs) and also get the geo coordinates (geo location). Everything works perfectly through any browser.

But when I generate the apk, we have some problems:

if I enable geo-location permission, I can’t upload files, but if I disable this option (geo-location), I can upload files.

Is there any way to get the geolocation without disabling the ability to upload files?

Can you show your blocks.

Hi…thanks 4 reply.

Actually, I did 2 versions of the same project: one with Webviewer and other with CustomWebViewer (both of them with same problem).

In the Webviewer version, I don’t use any blocks (see the component settings in the attached image).

I have also tried several apk permissions options on Android and none of them allow me to upload and use geolocation together.

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