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Guys, to store: images, photo, PDF on Firebase Storage I used (as taught here in the community) the web component. Now if I want to upload this file (jpeg, pdf) from Firebase Storage to the application, example: show the image in the image component or inside a List View Image List, how do I do it?

I think you should add file:// just before global foto in the path file, use join block

Also you can refer this guide too

Is this what you suggest? But what would be the purpose of putting this “file://”?


Is there another method I can use to upload this image from firebase storage to the app?

Without that tag i hope it is hard to get with fenix update j think for the devices above version 10

You can check out this also

I’ll try to use that too, but I’ll be more objective in the question. I have two entries: customer and service provider. On the provider’s side, he has a profile picture and a certificate of good background. Both the image/photo and PDF I have been stored on Storage. On the client’s side, when he clicks on the provider’s profile, I want this data to appear, but how do I do this?

Guys, I did it in two ways: with the Thunkable extension and Kodular’s native Firebase Storage. Here are the results:

[FirebaseStorage Extension v2.0:

Firebase Storage (console)

The question is using this extension can I download the file stored on Firebase Storage and show it in the app? Example: User profile picture.

Kodular Native Firebase Storage: I’ll make the aia available for you to check.
appdefirebase_storage.aia (8.6 KB)
Firebase Database and Firebase Storage Configuration:

This is now a system that loads the image, with the name of the profile where I save it on Storage. I created a shipping status. When I click on Image Picker, I select the image and the status doesn’t go off loading because it isn’t being saved.

I’ll put it as solved (no one answered) so it doesn’t stay open. :pensive:

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