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If i upload an image makeroid tells me that the upload is dismiss and i have to reload the complete page and have to ipen the project again. after reload i see the images in the asset folder.
and i have a second problem, when i change the language to german i have some errors in the block editor. the blocks from the notiefier (choise from notifier do change to german to wahl) but the variable block choise do not change to the other language and so the block editor give me an error bc the variable choise have no partner in german language or english language.

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Can you provide a screenshot of the message you are getting?

as i told i can use the image only if i start everythinbg new.

That “DISMISS” button is just to dismiss that dialog. It doesn’t means that your uploaded image is dismissed. :sweat_smile:

yes but i cannot work with the image before i make a restart. i thozght there is an issue. but i have an issue. i cannot put in the text block if the language is german. i made a post for that. in eglish there is no problem and in german he wont take the block. another erorr if you have a notifier and you have block for your choice, if you switch the language the choice block do not change and so you get errors until you set the block to the other variable (other labguage)

You don’t need to refresh the builder every time you upload an image. Just wait a few seconds and your image will be there depending upon your internet connection.


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