Upload images to airtable error due to image quality

Hello, I am creating an application that uploads and downloads photos to Airtable, but for some reason, these images do not upload.
When I try with low quality images they upload and download, but the photos from the camera do not upload to the table.

I don’t know if it has to do with the size and/or quality of the photo, and if it’s on the side of Kodular or Airtable; If so, how would it be resolved?

To upload and download the photos I am using an extension called “Simple Base

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Instead, upload photos using Cloudinary

and to lower the quality of the photos so as not to consume so much space, are there ways?

This might help.

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BTW, is this aix your extension? Else you should not post it . Kindly remove it. Only developer of the extension have to upload else you can share the topic in which the developer created the guide

The limit for long text fields in airtable is 100,000 characters. Most probably converting photos from camera exceeds characters limit

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