Upload PDF file saved on mobile to airtable and then preview

Guys, I’ve already searched here in the community for everything on this subject. Some say you could upload it through firebase storage and after that get the url and save it to the airtable. Others say it can be done without this process being necessary. Is it possible to do this?
I had even used Active Starter to get the file but I don’t think it worked very well.

You cannot upload pdf file directly in airtable,i hope, and you can see preview(already uploaded) in a webviewer by following way.

If you want to see thumbnail of the pdf , you need to use list view block but to do this, first you need to upload, when upload completed you have to get the pdf url

To upload pdf file to airtable it required url

OK But if I want to convert this PDF file into a act and upload to the cloudwin and store at Airtable has as?

It means???

  1. Dewign blocks to Upload file into cloudinary
  2. When upload comoletes, get the url
  3. Save the url in airtable

Following today I sent a question to Cloudinary Support stating that I am developing an app on Kodular and would like to save a PDF file downloaded and stored on my mobile to Cloudinary. I received this response from them:

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for sharing these details.

I’ve now enabled the delivery of PDFs for your account. All existing and new URLs for these files will work as expected.

If there are any issues please let me know."

I honestly didn’t understand. I’m about to let go of that and stick with firebase. At least there I can store in Storage PDF, video and image.
Thank you anyway.

Instead of airtable why don’t you try alternate like baserow, googlesheet. Both are very convenient to work… you can find paid as well as free extension in our community . So you can go with just single database instead of using multiple


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