Upload video to hosting and get Direct link

Hello koders

I’m curious about that can i upload video to my hosting and get link to view it with video player component???

I’ve checked a lot things…there are many ways like upload video to hosting with ftp but to view it i need to download it.

And got the thing i wanted in
METRIC RAT AI2 - Upload Any File To Google Drive with AI2 timai2’s post but they said its best to store file max 5 mb.

That’s why I’m looking way to upload video file to hosting and get direct link of it to play it without downloading…

My average video size is 50 mb.

Hope can solve it with your help.


well, it is your own web server, therefore usually you already know the link without having to ask for it…

let’s assume, your server address is https://myAwesomeServer.com and you use ftp to upload the file awesome.mp4 via ftp to /public_html/myFiles, then the url to your uploaded file is https://myAwesomeServer.com/myFiles/awesome.mp4
hope that helps…


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Thanks a lot…

This simple thing took me more than 1 week…

It’s working fine…

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