Upload videos from assets

hi developers, i have a question about how upload video.
I uploaded it to the assets with the video player component and did the tests in the companion and it works correctly, when I test with the apk it throws me the error 701. I have read several forums about this but it is not clear to me how it can work correctly

I thank you very much and merry Christmas

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oh, thanks … do you know any solution to play videos offline?

Copy it from the assets to the ASD or one of the Shared folders and play it from there.

Excuse me, could you tell me how to do it, I don’t understand your comment very well…

What exactly do you not understand?
Copy the video from the assets to the ASD (app-specific directory).
ASD: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/io.makeroid.companion/files/myVideo.mp4

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i used the component video_player and i selected the file mp4.
i have some questions.

-i have to copy the files manually from the device or pc desktop?
-if the folder don’t exist i have to create?

thank you so much!

you can give’me the file aia and the extension from this picture
thank’u so much

No need for aia you can re create blocks easily, as for the extension used in the example is @Taifun 's

File Extension

can you giveme the extension please :slight_smile:

Please do some work for yourself instead of trying to get others to do everything for you. Click on the link in Dora’s post and download it from there.

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Already did, click link, scroll to the end of page and download aix

thank u Srta Dora_paz, i will try this blocks

Hi developers, i have problems whit the blocks.
can someome helpme?

TaifunFile (copy from assets method) works only with the APK on Kodular (AFAIK).

oh thanks but the error 701 is still appears.

error 701 unable to load /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/io.makeroid.companion/files/paradigmatradicional.mp4

@bodymindpower the latest version 14 should also work for the companion app…
if not, please let me know…


Under Android < 10, the assets are stored in the external storage:

It only works on Android ≥ 10, because the assets are then stored in the ASD (with Companion).


Workaround (for Companion):