Uploaded Image On Cloudinary Doesn't Show On Dynamic Image

Hi everyone! I’m using Cloudinary to store uploaded images in my app. I also added Airtable to create a database to get images and show with the dynamic images.

But I have a problem while creating the dynamic images. I can succesfully upload my images to the cloudinary via my app but I my dynamic images aren’t showing the uploaded images on the Cloudinary

Here is my blocks:

Airtable link: Sign in - Airtable

Dynamic images are not showing the pictures uploaded to the cloudinary.

Please help.

Is airtable printing the data in respective column?

Yes, when i upload image to cloudinary via app, airtable creates a new line correctly.

Oh nvm, It’s working right now. But i guess it takes ages to upload the image to cloudinary!

set width to automatic instead of -2 (fill) also make sure the vertical arrangement s in visible mode

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