Uploading data to AirTables not working for me

Hi all! :smile:

Trying to upload Latitude, Longitude and Altitude to AirTables. But it doesn’t seem to work; no new rows in AirTables “Location” table. :frowning:

Here are my blocks:

The Latitude, Longitude and Altitude do display in the labels.

As always, any help or pointers are greatly appreciated. :grin:

Check that Api key, Base Id and table name are correct. Also check again that the name of the colums match global variables

I double, triple checked before I posted. But, I checked once more and sure enough the API key and the Table key were swapped in the var declarations. :drooling_face:

Works now, thanks very much for your help! :smiley:

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Some Language are not supported in a airteble…
So, there have a any solution…

Among those lanquages is Greek :slight_smile: The solution is to use to use web.encode and decode blocks

See example here…

@dora_paz ok thanks for the suggestion… I will try

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