Uploading PDF File to GoogleDrive Using ActivityStarter

Guys is it possible to Upload File to Google Drive Using Activity Starter??

This one is Help Full But gives ERROR: No Such File-directory Found

no, you have to use the web component as @TimAi2 already explained in that link…
what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?


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File2String Module Returns “File not found” as string, it should be return encoded text of the file!!

it is

also use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps



it’s a empty string, how can i get a filename from Result URI???

File_Name problem solved, but still having issue with “FileToString” Block

all_documents.aia (95.5 KB)

Attached My .aia File for analysis .

Hi, everyone. little update…after few attempts i did managed to send photos from camera and image picker but still facing "File not found " Error from File2String Block .i think problem is with file path so if some one know about different types of file paths used in kodular and how to direct a any type of file to “File2String” block help will be great-full.

i attached image of an block assembly which will send selected image or captured image from application to Google Drive.

your filename contains spaces… this might be the issue…



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