Uploading same app on Google Play from another Google Play account

I want to remove all content of existing app and publish the same application from another google play console account. Can i upload same apk? Is there any problem with keystore? Any experience ones here? Please suggest me.

As long as you change the package name it should be fine but keep in mind that all of your existing users would have to manually install the new version of the app. I’ve never tried this before so I can’t guarantee that it’ll work.

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Hey, you can transfer your apps from one play account to another without removing them from play store.

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How can i transfer?

Check out this video

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Thanx. Package name and keystore will be same?
Can i monetize from new account??

Yes, all data like package name, user reviews, app rating, downloads remains same after transferring your apps to new account.

For safety reasons download your keystore from play store before transferring apps.

Check out 2 to 3 videos on YouTube about transferring apps, understand all procedures and do it without doing any mistakes.

What do u mean?

My admob has been disabled so i want to publish the same app into new play console account and i want to monetize that. Can i monetize if i transfer into new account?

For that you need a new admob account which should not be your.

Instead of using admob use Facebook Ads and monetize it.

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If you change your new admob account also might be disabled soon, change admob to facebook audience network

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I tried facbook but its still pending. They havenot approved my app. Its been around 20 days since i applied for fb audience network.

There’s probably a good reason for this. You must have violated their policies. Transferring the app to a new account won’t solve the problem, it’ll just be disabled or suspended again.

Again probably for the above reason.

Tell us more about your app - what is it, what does it do etc and we’ll see if we can help you so Admob doesn’t get disabled again.

It’s a learning app like a book. Admob was disabled around a year ago. Now I have applied for the FB audience network. When users click 3 buttons 1 int ad will be shown. There are a total of 10 buttons and every button opens a long screen contained a lot of information

That doesn’t sound too bad. Which Admob policy did you violate then?

I dont remember exactly. it was more than a year ago

Try not to do anything that violates their policies with your new account.


Creating another Admob account is also against their policies

Google always track things
It is better to create new account in device which you never logged in with the banned account
I read this on Quora

But making Google fool is not good
That’s why Kodular did not create a new Admob account when their account is suspended

Once you are suspended by Google then you are suspended for lifetime

In future never do things against policies
With your new account

I am not supporting any one


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