Uploading web images every week

  1. The URL of the post list is fixed.
  2. Upload a post with the same title as [A] every week (URL changed every week).
  3. Send the image information of post A to the app.
    I want to use this principle. Please give us your ideas.

What do you want simplify tell in simple words

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I want to bring the images of the posts that come up every week to the app.

means every week an image is uploaded to a website so you want to show that image ?

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Yes, that’s right. But the URL of the post with the image changes every week.

you want it to change automatically or you will do it by your own ?

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I want it to change automatically.

can you share me the link of website

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I need an image of a post called “Sunday Maple” on the website 이벤트 | 뉴스 | 메이플스토리.