Urdu Poetry - Urdu Shayari

You should create a new topic regarding your question and youโ€™ll get help.


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Deephost custom design listview is good but itโ€™s very difficult to use.

And the developer is not responding to questions anymore.


yes, he is not responding anyone , not even on youtube where he posted videos and still after 1 minute of video posted, many user comments and he didnt reply, that is very strange behavior , like if you are selling extensions then you must give user support ,

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I contact 2 or 3 time on email and he respond me. But he is not responding to everyone.

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i have also made a shayri app through kodular


@ammar5287 you can create another post with some details so users can check that too, here you dont any response because audience is limited for a comment but on post you can get more audience.