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Urdu Poetry - Urdu Shayari

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Urdu Poetry - Urdu Shayari app is specially for Pakistani people Because Urdu is the national language of Pakistan so this app is fully in Urdu Language.
In This app the best variety of Urdu Poetry is at one place. More than 30 category Including 25 Famous Urdu Poets Poetry. The app is fully dynamic and connect with Airtable.


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Thanks To:

@Shreyash Phase Extension
@Taifun Taifun Clip Board Extension
@MeteorCoder Darco Extension
Deep Host Custome Design ListView Extension
and Special Thanks To @Kodular For this amazing platform.


good :+1::+1:

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Aweaome! good job.

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from where you have taken the shayris

It took round about 2 months to collect all data from different online books such as

Nayafat by ahmad faraz
Nusnakha hay wafa by faiz ahmad faiz
Zarbe kaleem by alama iqbal
Shaid by john ilea

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Are the poems copyright free?

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Yes all the poetry is copyright free.
The books that i mention above is from past even if there is no internet thats why these book are available for free.

When you click on the link for the MeteorCoder Darco extension, it takes you to Taifun’s Clipboard extension page.

I don’t speak or read Urdu so from the pictures, I guess the app looks good.


Check it Now

Was this app designed from the existing Shayari apps / tutorials here and here?

No my app is fresh project not from any aia or tutorials. The apps that you mention is totally different.

Nice Application, i know its very hard to collect poetry, i have started same project in past, but still pending because i have no time to collect poetry, good effort, best of luck with that,


@Hadi_Editz Thanks for using my extension(s)! Presently https://atmospherekoder.tk is down due to a migration is hosting provider, but I invite you to take a look at some others that will be coming in the future when it’s over. I’ll update this reply as soon as I see that it’s done.


@Hadi_Editz https://atmospherekoder.tk/ is now available for you to check :slightly_smiling_face:, have fun finding what apps you can make next, maybe for all users this time :blush:

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Thats why it takes round about 2 months first i collect all poetry in Airtable. Than just few days ago i make Urdu Poetry project in kodular and connect it with Airtable.
And thanks to you @MeteorCoder for your amazing extension.

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But you can make it offline too,with txt file, store poetry in txt files and use cvs row format,

Thanks for your suggestions. :grinning:

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yes because i was making that offline, because most of Users here use data packages and cant use always online apps, so offline apps are more helpful and liked by Pakistani users, and your Uninstall rate will decrease, if they can use it anyways online or offline.

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Nice app… status list was dynamic ???

Yes dynamic

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