Url is not shown in web viewer

Shorte.st url - http://gestyy. com/e05KKa
Is not loading in my web viewer or custom web viewer…
Can someone help me?

Do not tag people to get attention

Okay sorry but can you help me please?

I can’t help you at this time

Unable to get what are you saying.

Sorry for asking this but why?

No electricity :sweat_smile:

I mean to say that i try to put this link in web viewer but it’s not shown there a url in web viewer in app…

He wants to load a short url In webviewer

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Elaborate more. Show your blocks

Simple block when button click , call web viewer or custom web viewer to get url (that url )

Can you send me a sample video?
Also show your blocks.

I think you want to check your url

Web viewer or custom web viewer show blank in web view there is nothing than the white screen…

Url is correct i m sure!!

Show blocks screen shot

Can u please try to do that and help me​:pray:t2:

@vknow360 @Vedang

You have not used http or https before URL.

Sorry but these are not in the url !!